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Lil Jon Speaks! Lyrics

Mustard – Lil Jon Speaks! Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen what's happenin?
It's yo boy Lil Jon
Today we are here to take about the next generation of west coast producers
This motherf*cker killin the motherf*ckin game right now
Up tempo shit, he's killin that shit
The homeboy DJ Mustard
The young generation killin this shit
Ya'll heard him kill the motherf*ckers with
RIP, ya'll heard this motherf*cker killin em with I'm different
And it's so many other motherf*ckin records I can name
But I'm not gonna... I don't even have to do that
The man is official
It's yo boy Lil Jon
Ya'll know I made some of the biggest west coast records that are still lastin
I gotta give all props to Dr Dre
He's the number 1 but you know I still got records that are representin the west coast
Even though I'm from the south that are still killin it
Like Blow The Whistle from Too $hort
Tell Me When To Go - E-40
Plus a bunch of other shit
Ya know what I mean?
Um but it's about DJ Mustard right now, ladies and gentlemen, DJ Mustard
If you don't know, get motherf*ckin familiar
Get on Google, get on beam
Get on motherf*ckin whatever you need to do
Search this motherf*cker
And hear the f*ckin awesomeness of this cold ass nigga
Lil Jon I'm out, bitch yea!
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