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Yacht Party Lyrics

DJ Muggs – Yacht Party Lyrics

(feat. Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan)

Relax, baby, listen
Welcome to the motherfucking yacht party, nigga
It's all real here man
Word up, man all my [?]
It's nothing but love man, for real man

Promotion by bentley
The frozen section cool, I'm act gently tho
Full K socks, I have some killers with me
Me and Muggs, a couple of thugs, two rich bands
Francis & Pearl, too slick you can slide me a rads
Who carry nitrogen and guns and they bag is wild
Pistol whip niggas then [?] take 'em out, go
The odd beyonds me, the water's silky tho
I lit up a L, taste the smell I feel [?] no one
At any second we can disrespect it (get away from the reels, man)
So who the fuck try to check me? (woah-woah-woah-woah-woah, easy, easy, easy, yo)
Pull the gilette, yo, chill, kids in here
Wizards is here, couple rich mommies was peeping my clothes
They sniffing coke like it's a [?]
Assassin [?] shit, we all of that
Black cards, a couple pisanos
Gold malanos, Voltron wranglers
Rally need a [?]
I guess the holl is on, watch me perform
A young thoroughbreded, get it on
You know the Wu is here
Fix your chair, I'ma stylin' this wiz'
Down a few biz'
Fourty years of success, from rocking Gucci to gas
What? Yo, yo
Freeze, little nigga

Haha, yeah, nigga
I changed, little nigga
Yo, yo (drinking too much, my nigga)
Word up, it's real over here, kid
I heard about it, I heard about it, you heard about it?
Yeah, man
It's the real, man
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