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Millennium Thrust Lyrics

DJ Muggs – Millennium Thrust Lyrics

Feat. Self-Scientific
Millennium Thrust, vocalist
Self Science
2000 thousand

[Verse 1]
As we travel through space and time
Article design, hides my conscience mind
It's the millennium thrust, with what's ancient
And what's to come, become adjacent
Running for synthetic outlets of anger displacement
Paralysed in chaos and misery is entertainment
I'm deep as the blue light in the dark basement
Sharps as the blade, that made the scar on the face of the inmate escaping
Harder than federal jail time invasion
Builder of black nations, eliminating Satan through communication
With the combination of philosophical liberation
This New World era confrontation
Evident from Hubbell telescopes to space stations
Or something as common as PlayStations
Ya synthetic century instrument can't precept ya third density
Energy vile is not the red, (yeah) with what ancient
And what's to come, become adjacent

Its the Millennium thrust, I am the vocalist
Bring light to your dark era, whenever however
With what's ancient, and what's to come, become adjacent
Yo it's the Millennium thrust, I am the vocalist
Bring light to your dark era, whenever however

[Verse 2]
Damaged, I command the language of man
Written with the conviction, sand script scribed in the sand
Over original lands, my conquest begins
Way back when the earth first began to spin
My voice summoned the wind
And through the lyrics of life, into the form of man
Beyond that realm, dimensions of space and time within
I'm at the helm and confused modern bio chem
Genetic enhanced, audio receptivebance
Equalised the powers of hand, and mic again
Its the Millennium Thrust, vocalist
Holding the world tight and fight, energies provoking us
To mash out, the black hole mascot taking the trash out
Intercept ya wack, pass route
50 guards pulling they mask out, burn a dutch and pass out

[Hook x 3] w/ minor variations

{*Scratches til the end*}
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