Coming back, coming Home.
The Queen of love enters the room.
Silence ensues,
Tell the King what have you done to my life?
Did you take me for a fool or for a wife?

The King is in his court
Countin' all his diamonds.
One by one they do fall.

Says the queen our pride the Prince of Spades is coming home
It'd be nice if you could spend some time alone
After all he's in line for the throne

And the king is in his court,
Countin' all his diamonds,
One by one they do fall.

So now, just get up off your ass,
Leave all your treasures behind.
Your son is comin' home with you to spend time.
And don't ever forget the day,
When you turned your back on him and me
Still I stayed
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Prince Of Spades Lyrics

Dispatch – Prince Of Spades Lyrics

Songwriters: Bradley Joseph Corrigan, Chad Stokes Urmston, Peter Francis Heimbold
Prince Of Spades lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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