She woke me up with a bang, bang
Looking over cross eyed had a big
Hunch that the world was a big lie
When I got up all the blood to my head
I got so dizzy fell back to my bed
I went over to the way side
Looking for the high tide
What will I find will I find will I find find
All I saw was a man that had a hat
That had a pom-pom he's been there for
Years can someone tell me how long

Wake up to tell me
Wake up to show me
What I could not find

You see this woman woke me up
At a quarter to three and I didn't
Know it then but she put a spell on
Me said I had to go down to where
The cliffs mee the sea and mean an
Old man to present my plea
So I headed way down to the big pier
To await and confront my big fear
I wheeled around behind to my
Blindside to find and old man with a
Lime and a kind eye
Said mister, mister with your beard so long
Won't you be a saint and tell me
Just where I'm going
He pointed to a conch shell and then
To the lime and said this is all
I really need to get by


Hey mister man
I know you don't know
Who you think I, think I am
But I can safely say, that I
Should've been sleeping the day
Away I said scuse me, if you've got the
Time he shrugged his shoulders
Said get a spine
Coconut hit me on the head
Jonesin' for a fig
I booked last night
I need another fix
Just then I see a twinkle twinkle
In the old man's eye and a wave
Tossed bottle in thrown to the sky

I caught it on the rebound
It landed with a soft sound
I took out the message and put the
Bottle down
Inside was the antidote to the spell
And I read it to the old man 'cause he
Couldn't read so well
Said don't worry about a
Thing you know your
Path is true just ease your
Mind have a banana
Or two

Goodness, goodness, woe is me
The man nearly flipped to learn
That he was free but just before we
Left and started kicking it
I picked up the bottle and star sixed it

Kick kick shuffle shuffle back to the beach
With a tune on my lips and my quest in reach

If that woman comes to you with
Her song so sweet, say damn
Let the poor sucker sleep
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Bang Bang Lyrics

Dispatch – Bang Bang Lyrics