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From The Coma-Swept Ruins Lyrics

Dismantled – From The Coma-Swept Ruins Lyrics

I've got an army of one behind the last wall
Fuels the engine in the last room to the right
Meanwhile the hallway is in another past
I had it nailed down to the last future pointed up

My faith's crawling through the vents again
The last time it came down
It felt something like a last rain
And the drains are all clogged again
The smashed mirrors are leaking from the pipes within

I've got the world in a metal shelf
Above a window grinning
Perfect ocean blue
And every life I take is my own
Don't have the fuel to burn it my way

Mind is wide open to the eyes pointed left
They've taken all they could again
The rest hangs black in the storm ahead
I can't pass it with these roads I've cut through

And I'm impressed with all you do
With just four limbs and a head
And if I were anyone else
I'd be the mirror staring back at a face so deaf

I'm in the open now yet all enclosed
The hollow winds of engines shuffling fog again
Ahead the distance smears all that's left
I used to walk it now the wheels just blur through

And at the end they've all turned to air
And left their shadows behind for me to follow
And what they say is that I have got to change
So I think I'll go and do that right now
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