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The Swarm Lyrics

Dismantled – The Swarm Lyrics

They swarm, whenever you're on
For others, they swarm without an on or off
Self-sufficients breed best always on
Ignore, but bioforced never to bypass a swarm
Overfed the self with their faith, tried to tear it all off
But could not, it all stayed on
Strapped myself to the faces that'll never give me anything more

On or Off
On or Off
Somehow I always turn it off
I'd rather live a lie that's always on

They form their walls
They had their eyes carved out
To lead their own
They've got an iron vision
And they only make room
For those self-sufficients who never choose

They all grind on
My own internals scream that I won't fit their mold
But they're so self-sufficient
They're bred so well
That I just wanna smash through and pretend I'm them and now:

They've all just stalled
Their eyes all upon me
Waiting to swarm
Now I'm a self-sufficient
I've built myself well
But they will never swarm,
Oh they will never swarm

But I have no complaints, no
I made a promise I could never undertake
This corner always served me well

But I...
I can't beat the swarm
Get ahead, get a life, get a face, get anything
Just stay the fuck away from me
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