This is the story of a girl named Ann she's half - Japanese, mom's from =
Japan she's sixteen but she's going on thirty her mind is pure but her =
Thoughts are dirty dirty Ann likes to play with herself she likes =
Frigging the c***, she likes rubbing the elf she don't need a man they =
Don't understand all she needs is her right hand Ann likes to masturbate =
She likes to make herself feel great Ann likes to masturbate when she =
Gets aroused, she's gunna c** real loud she likes to get off when ann =
Gets off she likes to fantasize lie on her bed and close her eyes she =
Likes to dream about the boys from Rancid she ties Tim up and then she =
Pulls his pants down she likes to get off in her car and in the bathroom =
At work behind the bar she don't want love, she don't want romance all =
She wants is her right hand
Submitted by: Mel
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Rubbing The Elf Lyrics

Diesel Boy – Rubbing The Elf Lyrics