Thanks for spending your dough on our new cd I can't wait until June =
When we get our royalties but the money you spent was not in vain it was =
Spent on piles of cocaine take your wallets out and buy some merchandise =
We've got records and shirts and an inflated price please spend what you =
Can so we can buy a new van our old one broke down in Spokane thanks for =
Shelling out cash to come and see our shows you've been paying our rent =
And you've been buying us clothes we love to see your faces out on tour =
But more than that we hate to come home poor join our fanclub, buy our =
Posters, idolize us today 'cause we've got lawyers and accountants we've =
Been meaning to pay please buy what you can so I can buy a new amp my =
Old one blew up in Cheyenne
Submitted by: Mel
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Song For The Kids Lyrics

Diesel Boy – Song For The Kids Lyrics