"Gather round!" Gather round and check the flow! (Repeat 4x)

Ayo check it

Now the ultraviolet seems to have me slippin

Well I'm on guard son, there'll be no ass whippings

Behind my back, I know MC's be tripping

Some say "What's up?" Some stick out their bottom lip and

I motivate, spark the L then skate

There's no debate, I put the funk on your plate

So get it straight, it's the lyrical mechanic

I cause a panic, of depression that's manic

Harder than granite, I revolve like the planet

And got the game to leave the chickenheads enchanted

Word to Janet, and her brother Jackie

I put the squeeze on mommies like Pataki

"Gather round!" Gather round and check the flow! (Repeat 4x)

Now, I dehydrate your body just like a Heinekin

Tip-toe through your tulips like Tiny Tim

Back up son, it's Diamond D and his mighty men

You wanna see a show? Call Chris Lighty and

I'll come to your town, tear the walls down

Pound for pound I gets down for my crown

I gets busy, you can ask my nigga Wizzy

I'm slicker than that fox found on Thin Lizzy

You wonder "Is he, slacking?" But I'm a mack and

I'm always packing, cause niggas don't know how to act and

They wanna riff, made because I got the gift

Enjoying a spliff, on 125th

I roll on your set like a brand new Perelli

Got more charisma than Arthur Fonzarelli

Got a belly, but that don't slow me down in a telly

Put it on ya like the Claw did Jim Kelly

"Gather round!" Gather round and check the flow! (Repeat 4x)

Now check it

To all my foes you can just keep hushin

The stage ain't the place you wanna be rushin

Cause there'll take place a spontaneous combustion

Life's a game of chess and I play like a Russian

I mean to win, pass me the gin and a pen

And on a skin, I spend no more than a Benjamin

Franklin, and I'm off to the bank and

I roll with a crew that passes out the most spankings

This side of the Mason Dixon

I bought your tape and I erased it like Nixon

In Watergate, mom don't blame me if your daughter's late

Cause she was hooking, one of my niggas saw the bate

I bob and weave like Julio Chavez

Vacate in San Juan or ?Nisna Budez?

Trying to get these beaches, I cut off the dreads

Make MC's run like they just seen the Feds

Live life for '96 that's my motto

Look out for my peeps like Alphonse D'Amato

Witty and shifty describes my sticcatto

Peace dun, the lyrical desperado

"Gather round!" Gather round and check the flow! (Repeat 8x)
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Gather Round Lyrics

Diamond – Gather Round Lyrics