Game Playin'

Now I saw you with her;
To me what I call flirtin;
And you with the audacity;
To come over and talk to me;
As if nothin had happend;
Mean while I saw you touchin her;
Huggin on her;
Feelin on her;
Well are you really diggin her;
See what you need to do;
Is go and be with her;
Cuz I don't need you with me;

You think you hot?
With all yah foney game playin
He pimpin it
That's what his fellaz keep on say
Well guess who's not
Its you baby not me oh no
I'm deadin you
Now look whos game playin

Who would have ever thought of this;
That I would get played by you;
I'm sorry baby;
But messin with my head is what your trin to do;
And I aint feelin that or feelin you;
So now let me just tell you this;
I aint gone put up with this shit;
Cause if you haven't noticed boy;
I can do betta than you

Everytime you told me that you love me;
It was a lie;
And everytime I see you with your so called friends;
You really was skeemin;
But now I know whos lovin me,
And touchin me;
And kissin me;
So let me tell you now boy;
It sure aint you;
Cuz you steady game playin
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Game Playin Lyrics

Diamond – Game Playin Lyrics