F/ Cru


[Echos and fades away]

[Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix]


[Echos and fades away]

[Remix, remix, remix, remix, remix]


Yo, I make people congregate like I'm off to a light

Roll at least 20 deep like I'm off to a fight

Frontin' off fake mc's, busy caught in the hype

I sleep all day long, let em off in the night

Recline with dimes and chill, and blow me a breeze

While your broke ass is home eat-in bologna and cheese

Feelin like an idi' but its only the trees

Beat-in your girl in the head, please loan me the keys

While I be at the Pocono's, strokin hoes

I had the wing-on shorty, and left his ass with a broken nose

Jelly cause I pull cinn-i-mon buns, I dig em out on the first night


Right? Hit em and run


But not, without my rain coat

I continue to stack legal tender, while other mc's remain broke

You lame jokes, came close, cause you hate us

No longer on a hiatus





[Echos and fades away]

[Ladies, ladies, ladies]






What cha'll know about the home, or the hop, to the hip

What cha'll know about the home, or the glock, and the clip

Bx, where I, see techs and G checks

Fightin and squeeze with the natural re-flex

Cru baby, forget about if, ands, and maybes

Bitin the seeds who like to bi-catch rabies

Bustin at all we try to bring the damn fall

See life aint all about rhymes and ram ball

It's deeper than that, so I'm keepin the gat

Caught the evilest ones, who wanna sneak an attack

Come back like that cooked up crack and glass pot

Hot like you be sittin up in the hash spot

Blwowin spots like malator cocktail

Steal mic-ro-phones and lead glock shells

Bronx born, Bronx bred and Bronx raised

If you Bronx torn, Bronx dead in the Bronx grave

It's all about my daughter, I wanna be able to say

" I'll order a champagne 5 and a quarter"

So long live Cru and the Diamond in the Ruff

Section, we keep protection, never bluff



I'm infinite as an sp-loo, I'm feelin my self

Bronx with the shine and I'm Bronx with the rhyme

And if I'm Bronx with the crime nada, but over niggas

With my Lex and my Range Rover, nigga

I keep real simple now for all yall slow niggas

You can-not see me Chad or Diamond D

Yogi got that, like " Baby got back"

Like Yogi got crack, lacin tracks to make it love all these gats (yeah)

Yall don't wanna catch a pitch that's wild

But I wanna catch a bitch that wild, and show that bitch my style

In the meanwhile its all about the hiatus, remix Diamond laced

I love the attention when playas hate us

Bx body X-rays but I can't

Givin your riot a center phobia bx bringin extra

The love of what, like we be Diggin In The Crates, for tracks

We'll be diggin in the crates for decks

But as I hit, a lot of real shit, I spit

As real as this tape I'm rhyming on, I quit

I have you know my Mansa

I have you wearing red socks like Boston

That's my trick-a-down, ill

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The Hiatus Lyrics

Diamond – The Hiatus Lyrics