Scratch you a monster for this one baby

Yes when I move it's kinetic, the groove is emphatic
You dudes is synthetic, fools are just deaded
You snooze I don't wet it, peruse I don't let it
Amused I just set it and you - too generic
In truth it's pathetic, uhh, life is short
I take mine off the top, sippin wine off a yacht
Blow your mind off the top; and you sensitive thugs
All need to get your mind off the jock
I'm incredible, I gets my bread with no hams
Turn a menage with no plans
You beggin a broad to hold hands
So fuckin with a dude like me is no chance
(No chance) the five star gen-e-ral
Colorless VVS min-e-rals
I'm back on the block, it's been a while
(Been a while) potent like the beige rocks in a vial, OHH!

Can't you see, you ain't D
You can't be, me-me-me-me-me
It's just me, it must be
You can't be, me-me-me-me-me
It's crazy, oooh baby
You can't be, me-me-me-me-me
Can't you see, this is key
You can't be, me-me-me-me-me

Benjamin Grimm, man of stone
Brand new Audi hatch in tan and bone
I'm chillin with a cold can abode, in the hood
Where I hear damn D, throw your man a bone
Exsquizzy, just be LV's and Air Max
Crispy I'll beats and bear facts
The broads measure it up in bare backs
At an undisclosed location in Fairfax
And I keep the haters feelin malevolent
How does he stay fresh and stay relevant
The pen game is still sharp well that's evident
Some says "Stunts, Blunts" set the precedent
Hey~! I'm just a fan of the shit
And I ain't gotta lie and start fannin the shit
Grown man with a wit, c'mon, in the V.I.P.
Doin me with my hand on a tit, uhh
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U Can't Be Me Lyrics

Diamond D – U Can't Be Me Lyrics