{*movie dialogue and ad libs for the first 22 seconds*}

I remember when you made me smile (that's right)
Can't forget how you made me whyle (uh-huh)
Out of character, actin crazy
Got the po'-po' tryin to taze me
I paid the cost to be the boss (you know)
You seen my life, you seen the Porsche
Any wish you made, it came true (uh-huh)
Any dish you made, I came through (that's right)
Then you said you couldn't deal with me
Goin out of town, baby keep it real with me
You know we gave each other space (uh-huh) and good times
But we gave each other bass (uh-huh) and good lines
Now it seems like there's only one thing to do
It's obvious that I can't be a king to you
We ain't gotta fake moves and play bob and weave
I'm Ty-son, you can make like Rob-in leave

I wash my hands with no reprieve
Lil' momma I just wanna leave
{"Yeahhh I... wanna leave..."}
Let me just grab the rest of my shit
And Nextel, I just wanna breathe
{"Yeahhh I... wanna leave..."}

Bro, look
Wait~! Where you get off talkin down on a real player
Actin like I'm not Ike and not a real player
You was a bum bitch when we first hooked up
Got your ass out, got your titties hooked up
Now you a 10, you used to be 3
And at the same time you stopped fuckin with me
So I acquired a new stable of horses
Took you out of Gucci and put you back in [?]
Back to your Hyundai bitch, no more Porsches
You wanted marriage, I didn't want to force it
Now I see the real you, I'ma have to forfeit
Try to take my keys I put her ass in orbit
Used to be my girl, now I'm havin temptations
Listen to them stupid bitches, better know that dem hatin
They wanna dress like you (what) and walk like you (hey)
Sheeit go on back to 'em, cause man you through
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I Wanna Leave Lyrics

Diamond D – I Wanna Leave Lyrics