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No Seal Lyrics

DestoDubb – No Seal Lyrics

Niggs think I'm playin' cuz
You better stop playin' with these niggas
Nigga, I got two bars, for every line that you pour
You only got a sixteen, so lets go nigga pour that shit

[Verse 1]
Its supply and demand up in these streets
You wanna buy eight but I'm on sellin' three
Offwhite Adidas six stripes on me
Nigga from the east, fizzle on that beat
Seventy-five alive, twelve hundred for a piece
Trayvon Martin on that fuck the police
They only love a nigga when he in jail or DC
I'm easty, I'm easty, I'm from the east
Marshall Lynch I'm a mother fucker beast
Jury is my hobby, so they call me Mr T
[?], buy a beat
Yeah that bitch a pill, call me Pill Cosby
I'm going so hard, they call me Harden
Never been afraid of the snakes in the garden
I bust first no wanted, [?]
Bottle this codeine, I'm sellin', the money I'm blowin'
I have an addiction to prescription, I'm poppin in the kitchen
You might had a red one, but this a limited edition
You might get privileges but I'm a magician
Throwing all these pints you thought a nigga was pitchin'
With dreams of the riches, and nightmares of prison
My life is reality, you thought it was fiction
Im fishin' for the pints and she phishin' for attention
She fly like a pigeon, I'm high like the ceilin'
Its lookin' delicious the way that ass is switchin'
I pop too many percs, now a nigga near [?]
My watch is the ocean, when I move it glistens
They swear they want beef, but these niggas some chicken
If you wanna squabble, we can get up in a minute
You swear you a vixen, you bitches is strippin'
Kids in the bottle tradition
Sold out of lean and it land in a minute
Never change positions, I never change my vision
Im true to the lean yeah, that's my true religion
Oil with no piston, it ain't gone move
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