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Don't Cry Lyrics

DestoDubb – Don't Cry Lyrics

If I go to jail don't cry
If I go to jail don't cry
If I go to jail don't cry

[Verse 1]
If I go you better not cry, she wonder why I always lie
She bailed me out up in July, I told her that was my last time
Committing crimes gone pay my rent
Cartier, two G's spent, I don't want no argument
This ain't the past, this present, have your heat as my present
My life is an evening, I'm in a reno with the tent
You pull me out then I'm gone spit
My granny takin' meds, I think that's where I got this shit
I'm addicted to the lean on top of this
Off a narco got a accent, I love these punks with a passion
I'm off on my first lawsuit and I'm smashing
Off a bean, I got a accent, yeah no lotion so I'm ashy
I got a pint up in the back seat, ten on a whip, you can't see me
Life is a movie up in the deep, took a few L's, they can't face me
Pay a few bills and I'm still paying, 2018 I'm still racing
These dreams, I'm thirty chasing, Its love you but I'm bracing
I got a pint up in the basement and I just bought you that bracelet
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