Staring right back at you, feels like I'm breathing smog
This one you can't wait out
My pulse increasing steadily, hatred is building up inside
Humanity ceases to exist

Boiling with rage, an anger never felt before
My thoughts are torn to shreds
Red is dripping down my canvas, an art form never seen before
In time everyone will know

I feel adrenaline, the pounding war drum
Channeling darkness, dehumanizing

Reign in chaos, an atmosphere filled with hate
Dare not trespass the forbidden gate

One force so strong upon me
Drawing closer, I cannot escape
I fall into tranquil emptiness
Feeling nothing, seeing nothing

One knife through flesh
The vessel dropped dead
Mutilated, inanimated
Eyes staring into oblivion
Never to see light again

As I float around in space it grows stronger
The urge to get back
Sundown is yet another nightmare to come
The awakening

The cries, the endless cries
Twitching limbs in front of my eyes
Behind bars I stay as I start to decay
In time light will be shed over me
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Sundown Lyrics

Descend – Sundown Lyrics