I am an empty puppet
And soon I'm the one in charge
Let the battle begin
You'll drown in blood

Accept, I fought and I conquered the throne
It righteously belongs to me
It's not to be taken away from me so easily

The time has come for the will of all to be gone
Disobedience will not be tolerated
From now on you will all speak of me with dread
For I am the only one, I am your master

I am in sickness and health
The one you will submit to
And now don't turn around
There's no going back

I am fear, wielder of the black darkness
The aftermath of my terror is nothing but death
You ignored to see what was so clear and this is your punishment
Death is your punishment

I am fear
Death, a relief

You can call me what you want
You just let go of your will and I won't release my wrath
The seven plagues

I am the one, the merciless
Your world will be washed away
You'll hear my masterpiece
The death symphony
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Confined By Evil Lyrics

Descend – Confined By Evil Lyrics