The alarm clock's buzzin', and I'm thinkin' wasn't it
Just a minute ago
Since you and me lover
Climbed under the covers, now it's already time to go

'Cause we're under the gun, there's things to be done
Places we gotta be. I'm wishin' instead, I could stay in bed
With you cuddled close to me

We're long on love, but short on time
We may get another penny ahead, but our hearts fall further behind
Wish I had a few more hours in the day,
Or I could make this clock unwind
'Cause we're long on love, but short on time

The coffee's perkin', and soon we'll be workin'
Watchin' that clock on the wall, trying to hurry every minute
For the work day to finish, and the five o'clock hammer to fall

About a quarter after five, we'll be pullin' in the drive
And pullin' down a curtain or two, and turnin' off the phone
'Cause some overtime at home has been way overdue

Repeat Chorus

'Cause we're long on love, but short on time
'Cause we're long on love, but short on time
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Long On Love Lyrics

Derailers – Long On Love Lyrics

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