This cloud of doubt now hangs above our love
It's causing my poor heart to break in two
Every time I look into your eyes I see trusting make me a fool
Lies lies lies why am I surprised every time I look at you I see it in your eyes
The little white ones I can handle baby can't you see
I know now you were lying when you said that you love me

Now everyone in town knows where you've been
And they tell me you're playing me like a fool
You did something I would never do I guess you never learned the Golden Rule
Lies lies lies...
[ guitar - steel ]
So add my name to your long list of fools
Who didn't know the price they had to pay
You won't have ol' me to kick around cause I'm gonna turn my back and walk away
Lies lies lies...
Yes I know now you were lying when you said that you loved me
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Lies, Lies, Lies Lyrics

Derailers – Lies, Lies, Lies Lyrics

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