Vs 1:
I know somebody out here today
Can relate to what I’m about to say
Growing up in the Ghetto life was so dam hard
Drawing water from a well, living in a house that was falling apart
Mama cooked our dinner on a wood stove
Washed our clothes in a moping pail, and hanged them outdoors
It was so frustrating sleeping on the floor
With a blanket over my body, hoping it would keep me warm

Vs 2:
Living on welfare with three mouth to feed
Barely making ends meets
I wore bell bottom jeans and penny loafer shoes
Kids would pick on me everyday at school
I would come home running to mama, with tears in my eyes
She would take me in her arms, and tell me everything’s gonna be alright
Baby don’t worry about what people say
Cause the one that’s talking bad about you, might need you someday

Make your haters your motivator
That’s what mama use to say
You don’t need people like them in your life anyway
Baby keep your head up and keep moving on
Someday you are going to rise above it all
So to everybody who shunned me
Said I would never mount to nothing
Look at me now I’m all over your TV

Vs 3:
So much was going on but there was nothing I could do
But mama had faith that God would see us through
On cold winter days I had to go out and chop wood
A little kerosene on the fire made it burn good
In those time of needs daddy was no where to be found
The last time I saw his face is when he walked out
But mama did her best to take care of me
Stood beside me through all of my difficulties

Bridge Chorus:

Now I’m all grown up looking back to where I come from
If it wasn’t for your prayers mama I wouldn’t be where I am today
If I ever have a daughter I want her to be just like you
A beautiful strong God fearing woman mama I love you
I’m gonna teach her all the things that you taught me
And do all the things for her that you did for me
Thank you for the prayers you prayed, and for the love you gave
And for the words of wisdom you taught me along the way

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Mama Prayers Lyrics

Dennis Wright – Mama Prayers Lyrics