Vs. 1:
So much is going on in this world today
If I had wings I will fly away
So far away from all this foolishness
Don’t none of this mess makes any sense

Vs. 2:
Crime rates are rising people is dying
Nothing seem to be getting better in this crazy world
The heart of man has turned so cold
Seems like nobody cares about what love is anymore

This an icy world filled with icy people
They don’t care about nobody but themselves
But this icy world and those icy people
Is gonna have to stand before God
Be held accountable for the wrong that they’ve done

Vs. 3:
When I turn on the TV the things I see
Scares the daylight out of me
Can somebody tell me what is going on?
Why do right has to suffer for what is wrong

Racism, war, and unfair justice
Seems to be the topic of everybody’s discussion
Instead of getting along we rather hurt one another
In God’s eyes we’re all are sisters and brothers

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Icy World Lyrics

Dennis Wright – Icy World Lyrics