Left to right
Up and down in this
In this rollercoaster with ya
To higher heights
Wanna try one more taste of your elixir

It all started with a
Then you hit me with your
Not sure about your
Performance was on it, on it
Yeah, you ade me want it, want it

Was like a rodeo
Got me so excited, I can't fight it
What you doing to me, me
Like a rodeo
Holding the rhythm all night
I think you might be
Too much for me, me

Uh Uh Uh uh uh uh rodeo
Uh Uh Uh uh uh uh rodeo

Keep me, up all night
Take your time
Want to savor every minute
Careful, steady now
Hold it down
You're falling faster deeper in it

So impressive was that
All the others look like
Wasn't sure aout your
Performance was on it, on it
You made me want it, want it


Listen cowboy, go giddy up
Giddy up
Show me that lasso
Coming out, coming out
Ready for the ride now
On one at a time
Show me how to work it out
Coming up boogie dance

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Rodeo Lyrics

Deniece Pearson – Rodeo Lyrics