(Deniece Pearson)

Do re root de root der roo
Do re root de root der ret roo

She was the first born
Born on the 8th of June
On a Hot summer's afternoon
But the wind blew her away
Her mother as a waitress
Working for minimum wage
When her man passed away

Sat apart in high school
Always felt she didn't fit in
Typing this couldn't miss the glow on her face
Introverted, so insecure
Wondering what they'd think of her and
What they would say

No, she really doesn't matter
Better if she didn't think at all
Make things so much better

She's not anyone
She don't want to think about it
Eat about it, sleep about it
She's better off
Not that strong
She's rather disappear and get out of here
Than to think of it

This world is broken but
Who cares anyway?

She was the first born
Born three weeks too soon
Well, she never was born to lead
Never had much to say
No matter how hard she tried
Got the artist stuck in her mind about
Fading away, yeah
It's one or the other
Should she go or face the pain?
Either way it's now or never


She's broken hearted
But who cares anyway?
Living in hope just praying
For a better day
She wants to give up
The world around her
Collects herself, she's ready to go
And she hurts and she bleeds
Her emotions until
All she perceives is herself as a failure
On and on and
On and on again

She really doesn't matter

Do re root de root der roo

And then she closes her eyes
On a lonely night
In her world it
Isn't so bad


Will she really matter?
If her world was falling apart
Wasn't getting any better
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She's Not Anyone Lyrics

Deniece Pearson – She's Not Anyone Lyrics