[ verse 1 ]

Excuse me, baby, haven't I seen you before?

I don't forget faces, and I'm pretty sure

That I know you from a long time ago

I was in the 12th grade, you were a grade below

I used to see you in the halls, goin to class

And when you saw me pass, you switched that as-

Tronomical butt from the left to the right

And you would give me letters sayin (call me tonight)

Now your face was pretty, and your body was hot

So then I thought to myself, and said, why not?

You can be the skeezer, I'll be the skeezee

I knock the boots, and you're strung on me

But I have to admit, you were a whole lotta woman

You had to be good, cause you kept me comin

Then I graduated, and I left town

That's why you haven't really seen me around

But after all these years, you're still lookin good

And if we got together, I know you would

Reminisce and miss this Def Jef kiss

I respark the flame, and I knew you'd just

Wanna give it here

Give it here

(Give it to me, give it to me)

[ verse 2 ]

I got a fat bank account, I'm pretty comfortable

But hey, I'm very picky bout the girls I pull

Because nowadays you never know

If girls like you, or they like your dough

They always say, " Buy me that", and I say, " Buy you what?

You better keep your mouth shut and do the butt strut"

Cause I'm not spendin a dime until you spend some time

Givin me what I want, cause I'm in my prime

And you know what I want, so don't even play dumb

Girl, give me some, and I can make you come

Back to my house at all times in the mornin

You won't have to say, cause I know what you be wantin

You know the routine, so assume the position

I'ma take my pole, and I'ma cold go fishin

Like a tootsie-pop. You know that I last long

And if you can't sing. You be singin this song

Give it here

(Give it to me)


(Oh, you gotta give me some now)

[ verse 3 ]

Because you promised me the day that you quit you boyfriend

You'd let me in, so tell me when

Because you had me waitin and waitin for such a long time

You keep tellin me that it's the wrong time

You're makin it harder and harder

For me to control, and hold back that part of

Me that needs you, and wants to please you

Cause I know what you like, and I'll do more than he do

So stop trippin, too late to start flippin

Before you start lippin, you need to go slip in-

To the negligŠ¹ that I got you for your birthday

And don't be scared, cause I came prepared

So if you're old enough to give me shot

And if you're bold enough to take all I got

Don't say that you're ready if you really are not

Cause - mh, when I get hot

I'll give you more than anyone before

I'm not Prince, but I'll do you like you never been done before

Let's get together, I know we fit together

Like a hand and glove, come on and get this love

Just give it here

Give it here

(Give it to me, baby)

Yeah baby

You know I like it like that

Of course I love spendin time with you

You know you're my one and only

Ehm - ehm - hold it

What was your name again?
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Give It Here Lyrics

Def Jef – Give It Here Lyrics


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