Rtist: Def Jef

Album: Just a Poet With Soul

Song: Do It Baby

Verse 1

I do work and I'm workin' it with the will of a warrior

I'll take on 54 of ya, nah, I'll even take more of ya

Competition is great, and keeps me in shape

And it's mentally stimulatin'

Competitors constantly contemplatin' challenge

Champion's written all on my face

And I'm smirkin', and lurkin' back in the back

Attacking and hacking and jacking

Smacking up losers that's lacking

Characteristics of poets, they blow it

Tryna show it, yo if I'm flowin' they know it, so it

Compels me to step and release the rhymes that I kept

In case of an urgent emergency then these words'd be weapons

Any discrepancy heard'll have to be handled in haste

At any pace when I step in the place, cos I came to do work

Verse 2

Lyrically thorough, I'm from the borough of Manhattan

And when I moved to the Bronx, then I got into rappin'

Funky beats would control me

It's like the mic would say hold me

I do a solo, me only

I'd be alone but not lonely, cos

Eric would back me

The only track would be doubles

And when the rappers attacked me

They'd end up buried in rubble, cos

We never took losses, opposing forces proceeded

But they retreated, receded, beat it defeated

We did repeat it as needed

Kept 'em seated and some felt cheated

Gave 'em all second tries and still I superseded

I'm a souped superior subsidiary of soul

I keep the crowd in control, cos I do work

Verse 3

I got a need and it's bleedin'

Inside of me to say words

Cos it's my choice and I'm voicin'

Just what I think should be heard

To a sleazy easy goin'

Lazy laid back track

The pace is slow, the bass is low

And yo, I'm ready to go

Do my job, I'm obligated, devoted and dedicated

And loaded and motivated to show that I know the way that it's

Supposed to be done, that's why I chose to become

Professional in this profession, droppin' rhymes on drums

It's automatic that static comes automatically to me

I've had it for longest been at it

So call it fad, it doesn't

Sweat me or get me uncivilized like a savage

I play it civil and give all I got to keep up the image of

Rap cos I happen to be a rapper and poet

Not just rappin' to be rappin' in case you didn't know it

Here's the deal, cos I feel

You oughta be up on what's new

With the rhyme it's time for me to do work

Cos I got work to do
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Do It Baby Lyrics

Def Jef – Do It Baby Lyrics