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Postlude Lyrics

Deante' Hitchcock – Postlude Lyrics

Good things take time, drop
Ayy, ayo

[Verse 1]
Is this what you expected? Is this what you expected? Is this shit what you planned?
Was the shit how you saw it? I'm just askin', I mean I just, I just can't understand
I mean maybe I'm trippin', okay, maybe I'm trippin', yeah, maybe I'm wrong
Maybe I thought too much while I was gone, and maybe I had wishful thinking too long
And maybe I found what I needed in people around who would only be 'round for a season
Maybe I started to change, but I changed for the better, couldn't pay me to change for no reason
Maybe I finally stopped to appreciate all of the time and shit that I got
Or maybe the bitches I wanted to fuck try and fuck, got me trippin', but maybe it's not
Maybe I got way too caught up in all of the hype and forgot to take care of the music
Maybe I'm really the best out Atlanta since Antwan and Andre said they would pursue it
Maybe I really should be way more cocky, at least when we showin' 'em just how it goes
I just put faith in the niggas around me to see this shit through, man, you know how we do it

You know how we do it
Ayy, you know how we do it
Ayy, and you know how we do it
And you know how we, and you know how we do it
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 2]
I just been working my own, I can hear all the talk, and I'm never too worried about 'em
Heard he was straight out Atlanta, but I don't believe it, ain't real, it's just somethin' about him
Fuck is with all of the talkin'? Fuck is with all of the bitchin' and all of the fussin'?
Fuck what you callin' the sound, we the new talk of the town, it ain't up for discussion
I did what the told me I couldn't, got better, went back where I started and did it again
Got this shit down to a science so much we could bottle and sell it, it really depends
Is this just what you expected? Is this that shit that you wanted? Is this what you planned?
Tired of being in second, questioning when it's gon' ever be our time to win
Sorry to those I neglected while I was up North, if you worried about me I'm fine
Sometimes you gotta be selfish to work on yourself for awhile, I just needed some time
Lucky for me all my niggas back home never stop 'cause we knew we were destined to shine
Even when you try to plan it it never works out for your ass and them stars all align
What you expected? Man, what you expected? Man, what you had planned?
Ain't no denying this shit, I'm the man, watch reiterate this once again
This year I promise to make you believe in this shit and be proud to look up as a fan
Know Wishful Thinking was only the start, and I'ma be ridin' this shit to the end
Man, you know how we do it
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