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Browntown Lyrics

Deante' Hitchcock – Browntown Lyrics

[Verse 1: Deante' Hitchcock]

OK Jamel said I had potential to be the next influential rap artist
So I picked up a pencil and made it happen
Now my punch lines strong enough to dish body blows out with Pacquiao
Bitch I'm going harder than Gary Coleman in the drivers seat of a tundra
On pride rock attempting to back it out
Hold up, give it a second, I reckon that we the best ain't a question
My adolescence was reckless so just to see nineteen was a fucking blessing
Niggas talking about us, acknowledge the imperfections that critics tend to look over
But neither see the direction, I'm trying to test all the theories, write my name in the heavens
Talk to God on my troubles but shit, what could I tell him
How could you be a star if you don't believe you can fly
Tell me, how could you be a star if you don't believe you can fly
I'm charging gas fees if you tag along for the ride
Because a dream remains neutral until you put it in drive
All these rappers is tired, deaf, backwards, and blind
To the fact that I'm back bitch, as if I ever retired
Look I'm flying over obstacles with music that I'm bopping to
It's proof a nigga made it, I made impossible possible
Possibly the most arrogant humble nigga you'll ever see
Bet they remember me: I'm riding on my enemies
Double shot: Hennessy, bring out bad tendencies
I'm southside raised southside to the end of me
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