Do I have a shoulder that I can cry on?
And a background that I can rely on?
Technically, I cannot find them
I've stood fifteen long years behind them

I have wandered like a gypsy
No roof beneath that yellow moon
Shaken primitive and out of tune

I tried to pull myself ashore
Out of this whirlpool, this whirlpool

What's been said, I have not forgotten
I hear him say (something)
And the only thing about me that's together
Are my square-toed boots of Spanish leather

I would swim the stormy sea for you
Out of this whirlpool, this whirlpool

What you want
I tell you I got it!
Come, come here
And don't run from it!

Wouldn't it be any better
Showing your feelings
Than to have my name
Tattooed on your arm

I can be beaten
But I am too tough to be broken
Come here I'll teach ya!

I tell ya
I'm not afraid to switch
I'll be your electrician
I (I, I, I) search for the switch to your ignition
And then I'll pick up the pieces
You're so mucho macho
Pick up the pieces! I'll pick em all up

I would swim the sea for you
Beg down on my knees for you
Hide myself inside of you
Lose all of my pride for you


Whirl, whirlpool
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Whirlpool Lyrics

Dead Or Alive – Whirlpool Lyrics