I'm falling, catch me if you can
Dodging undirected bullets in somebody else's wars
But I don't know what for
I don't know what for.

I'm falling, stepping out of life.
Blending notes to suit rhythms,
Breaking rules to suit myself,but never losing time,
Never losing time
As I go down,down~
I rise up!

I'm empty, fill me if you can
You can fill a woman full of child,
Plant a forest full with trees,
But how do you fill a man?
How do you fill a man?

I'm wounded heal me if you please;
We bleed inside each others wounds
Straight from the cradle to the tomb
I'm down on bended knees
Down on bended knees
I go down, down~
I rise up
I, I, rise up

I'm falling watch out down below
I am soaring through the air
It's a very abstract feeling and
I don't know where I land, I don't know
As I go down down~
Catch me if you can...
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I'm Falling Lyrics

Dead Or Alive – I'm Falling Lyrics