You're a loaded gun girl
Yeah, I know that you love it
And I hope this kills us both
Hey, look at everyone
You see 'em pullin' the trigger
And it's your turn next
Oh, I'm counting down
Seconds now 'til the bomb drops
And ya hit the ground yeah
Ya know they're gonna love to watch
Your pretty face on the big screen
As you self destruct
I say...

Last chance for love
Last chance for love
Last chance for love
It's your last chance
Your last chance

Girl, you're workin' tryin' to dig yourself a grave now
And kill your lovin' dead
Hey, lookit everyone
Can see you're runnin' on empty
But I fill you up
Oh, your eyes can say
Everything that your mouth can't
Cuz you're chokin' on me
And I can see your bleedin' heart there
Dyin' inside you
Gonna rip it out
I say...
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Last Chance For Love Lyrics

Dead On TV – Last Chance For Love Lyrics