Hey, Hey, I killed Kurt Cobain
You know I sold his face and drove his wife insane
Oh no, I killed my MTV
Got this money for nothing
And these chicks for free
So sad, I shot up Alice & Chains
Makin' all these people put needles in their veins
Ya know, Britney's gonna end up where she belongs
Might even kill herself before I finish this song
Look, look, look at Michael Jackson
Don't you love what I did?
Ain't it attractive?
Dipped him in bleach
Gave him my kids
Put a camera in his face
And got fuckin' rich

Everyone knows I shot 'em down
My camera watched 'em hit the ground
I sold your gods, I shot 'em
Dead on TV
Everyone knows I shot 'em down
My camera watched 'em hit the ground
Next time you see me I'll be
Dead on TV

Bang, bang John Lennon is dead
My TV put a bullet right in his head
Don't you know I killed Joy Division
Tore his love apart and then I hung 'em with it
Well, well, well, Jim, Jimi, and Janis
Killed the fuckin' 60s watch movies about 'em
Hope I die like Elvis Presley
Flushed down the toilet
Drunk bloated and empty
Oh my god I killed Jesus Christ
I watch it on TV every night
Killed him myself
Caught it on tape
Sellin' everyone an afterlife
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Dead On TV Lyrics

Dead On TV – Dead On TV Lyrics