November's almost over,
The gentle winter's on the way.
Still I sit here on this balcony,
And smoke my brain away,
Waiting on that phone to ring.
Wondering which day that it will be.

Oh Carrie I pray one day you'll go back home,
To the warmth of Southern Georgia where you belong,
And leave all the pain you've felt from me,
Here in Missouri.

[Verse 2:]
Oh you were just a young girl,
And I swore I could change.
Every day that you forgive me,
Is just another one you'll waste.
You came here in search of something true.
I hope like hell
Your searching isn't through.


It's hard to think that everything around her.
To know that won't be happy ever after.

(Repeat Chorus x2)
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Missouri Lyrics

David Nail – Missouri Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID NAIL
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