Well hey, this is you and me against the world
Two crazy kids, a boy and a girl
You're a spark, a match, I'm gasoline
You light me up honey, what I mean is

You put the beat in my heart
You put the smile on my face
You put the color in my sky
Otherwise a cloudy day
You put the swing in my dance
You put the speed in my run
Close your eyes, baby
Kiss the midnight sun
I'm a fire because of you
Oh, I'm a fire, burning blue

We're all gonna fall, that's part of the plan
Hold on to each other when we got no place to stand
When it feels like we're a million miles apart
I'll be shouting for you in the dark

[Chorus x2]

Yeah, I'm a fire because of you
Yeah, I'm a fire, burning blue
Yeah, I'm a fire
Yeah, I'm a fire
Baby, I'm a fire
Oh, I'm a fire, burning blue
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I'm A Fire Lyrics

David Nail – I'm A Fire Lyrics

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