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Rosalina’s Music (Nexus Chokehold) Lyrics

David Arn – Rosalina’s Music (Nexus Chokehold) Lyrics

Rosalina say come away from the doorway, Ricky
Your gold has all been fenced, your heart is up against the crooked mile
Come listen to the music, lay beside me, Ricky
When there’s much too much at stake we will improvise
You don’t need to blame yourself for this wilderness full of lies

Then Ricky say, okay, this day has too may moving parts
In the land of guns the clever ones will be king
One deal ends, Rosie, another one starts
You don’t walk away from change it’s stalker in a four-wheel drive
I feel lonely, fan the embers of my dreams alive

She was once the surest thing he’d ever known
Charming and so discreet
The way she cut the reception line
For days he fought traffic jams all alone
But he lost his knack
He rode a race horse back

You can throw everything in the trash, sell the rest for cash,
But you’ve gotta keep what’s yours.
Midnight footsteps in the hallway come searching for your floor
When you listen to the music, making it through nights is tricky
Sirens are approaching, echoes in the street collide
Voices flood around you, there is no place to hide
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Songwriters: DAVID ARN
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