Healing sad Jane over coffee
At the upstream Gallery East
It's there we compare pains we bear the best
With pleasures we share the least

She's been gone, her mind is on the ropes again
Back from London, where coming undone, is no longer such a deal
Paint on her dreams has trouble drying,
She's been stunt flying over danger zones
As she lifts up her eyes, finds her stage, and makes her appeal.

It's not like we're waiting
For a world that connects
We're not anticipating
Some miracle that corrects
All this time alone
We've always known it was more complex
We're waiting for what comes next

She doesn't want genius in a stroller
She knows heaven is not the sky
Long gone are days when newspapers talked to her
And flags waved goodbye
Sad Jane, I wish I could contain
Every storm you see in the lull
So many nights your pillow is staying empty now
While your mind is staying full
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What Comes Next Lyrics

David Arn – What Comes Next Lyrics