Thereґs a car thatґs waiting
Guess itґs leaving time
I belive Iґve said it all
And you paid no mind
Weґve been trough the motions
Lord knows Iґve tried
And as hard as it is for me to
Walk out the door
Thereґs a whole world waiting outside

But itґs gonna be a slow night
Tears gonґ fall
Pour, pour, pour down your
Cheeks and wet your bed
Youґll be sorry babe
Youґll be listening to the clocks tick
And wondering if
Time, time time gonna heal
The wounds in your heart
Itґs a dried-up well
And all you got is
Teardrops over me
Teradrops over me

Told me you knew me
You just made me feel lost
You know, love donґt cut no deals honey
You canґt run from the cost
I know Iґve stayed to long
I really tried to adapt
Still I find myself down a dead-end road
Tonightґs where I break the trap

Iґm gonna close this door behind me
And that carґs gonna take me away
If thereґs a lesson to learn in all of this
Weґll figure it out some day
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Teardrops Lyrics

Daniel Lemma – Teardrops Lyrics