When I was a young boy
Sought the pleasures, sought the pleasures of a young man's mind
Oh the shimmer, oh the shimmer at the foot of the rainbow
Sent me off on a perpetual quest and distorted my sight
A young man is like a butterfly
Restless and frail he flies
To see him parry every thrust of wind
Brings a twinkle in the old man's eye

I must've been blind
I must've been blind
It was right there in front of my eyes
It was right there in front of my eyes
All my running
It was right there in front of my eyes

Then I came to know the scriptures
With zeal and fervour I reconstructed my life
Ancient truths carved in stone now lined my path
But the thought of the treasure hadn't quite slipped my mind
Religious man is like a mountain brook
Frozen underneath the snow
It's frisky leaps halted
Until springtime brings the thaw

I must've been blind...

And in the descending twilight
As you're summoning up your mind
Trace your footsteps in the sand
And maybe you will find
That with every road you took
Whichever way you looked
What destination became your choice
What opinion you came to voice
It was right there
It was right there all the time
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Must've Been Blind Lyrics

Daniel Lemma – Must've Been Blind Lyrics