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Motherless Child Lyrics

D Savage – Motherless Child Lyrics

D Savage:
You got my money roll nigga, so now I'm really tight
Bang with shot callers, hittas, they might just take yo life
We could meet up lil pussy, no need to fuckin fight
When i see you, its on sight, nigga fuck a knife
Dropped like three zans in my fanta, get high like a kite
Sneak diss, i bet somebody bouta die tonight
D fuckin savage, bitch nigga, you better get it right
All my life i had to fight, man i had to fight

Yung Bans:
This that fast life, this that fast life
You would risk it all for that cash right
Nothing personal, i gotta keep my circle tight
Cause last night i had a dream and it didn't end right
My denim came with a weapon and its skin tight
Riding with that 40 and that bitch bright
Vvs' round my neck, head like a flash light
Ain't no pillow talking, pussy boy, we shootin on sight

D Savage:
Too much bad shit going on, man something ain't right
You can never trust a thot, never trust a soul
Niggas claiming we got beef, but they dont want no smoke
Flexing all this big bank rolls, bought a new pole
Fuck nigga i got that aim, i dont need no scope
Shoot yo ass in the throat, bleeding while you choke
And i fall back from the scene, smoking green like artichoke
Bullet shells hot, both my wrist and diamond froze

Shoot yo mom in the face if she tryna play
Wet his block
With that fucking k
38 or the 9, (?) case
Got the sprite, got the lean, got the fucking coke
Ran off with yo fucking money, you dont get no dough
Under pressure he gone fold, he dont want no smoke
Smoke a nigga like a backwood, loud it make me choke
Pussy wet, yea i splash, wetter than a boat

D Savage:
Both my wrist and diamonds froze (x3)
I can't think
I make my decisions while im sippin pink
(?) act, seventeen, but i just turned into a fiend
Stopped rockin supreme, im turned on to other things
Im gone rob that plug, if he selling me fake lean

Yung Bans:
And ima risk it all for that cash
It ain't about how you fall its really how you bounce back
They wanna see me down, i thought these niggas had my back
Everybody ain't real, i bet they rat for that bag
But ima keep it street and sell a sack for that bag
Never ask for that bag
Flip a pack for that bag
It been a long time, free my brothers out the cell
Homie ain't silent, boy we know you talk to 12 nigga

D Savage:
I cannot go out like that, i cannot go out like that
Smoking all this weed and sippin lean, until my heart attack
Fuck with me or fuck with my family, its no turning back
You just rockin for the clout and bitch i can't rock like that
If you talking shit bout jack, lil boy its no going back
I put my blood, sweat and tears up in my sake tag

I say i cannot go out like that
Hit you in the fucking back
Shoot a nigga down, watch his mothafuckin body drop
Shoot a niggas mom, give that fucking bitch a heart attack
Nigga this a robbery, hit em with that fucking matte
Pour up, (?), leaning
I cannot be trusted i be scheming
Hit em with that beam
Ima fucking shoot this sweeper
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