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Out On Bail Lyrics

D Savage – Out On Bail Lyrics

Bitch I’m out on bail
Bitch I’m out on bail
Bitch I’m out on bail
Fuck it give ‘em hell
(yuh yuh yuh yuh)

[verse 1: D Savage]
Bitch I’m out on bail
Fuck it give ‘em hell
Niggas ain’t know shit
Tryna pick up my shelf

Lil boy you’s a bitch
Cuz you rock with 12s

[verse 2: Yung Weej]
? Boy you a rookie
Always gotta keep on sippin’ the cookie
Think you’re flexin’ but you just look goofy
Pull up here I can spray with the Uzi

When you was snitchin’ I was in jubi
I got ashes on my ksubis
Pourin’ 4s and pourin’ 8s
Sake World we been doing this shit

[verse 3: D Savage]
And we run this shit
And we killin’ shit
We be flexin’ at the top
Lil bitch take a pic

Of course haters gonna talk
Cuz they love my dick
Pull up with my gang
Sippin’ dirty Fanta

Got locked up for terrigation
I don’t know none
Shots fired man down
I don’t know none

What’s happenin’ what’s braggin’
I pull up with the action
I pull up with a ratchet
Well fuck it let ‘em have it

[outro: Yung Weej
Me and savage made 5 bands serving rerock
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