Ft. Christina Rapsomanikis

D Money, Money Pros, D Money, He Knows

D-M-P straight from a scene
With most kids in their teens
Wearing their Vans Slip Ons and nut crushing tight jeans
Struggle to get your phone out of your pocket is what I mean
They got hair over their eye I'm just confused if their a guy
It's alright, your emo you can cry
Hair outrageous wack moccasins and gauges
No stoppin this
It's my hypothesis
Man howd you get so Young and Reckless?
I'll tell you how that I learned from the bestest
Like fantasy kings Rob D and Drama Beats
Getting kids in skate parks and off the streets
Or in the Hands of God to rap a beat
Cause I know nothing about the streets
Aint that right Pee Wee?
Yeah you just drive on them
Ha ha Beep Beep

D Money, Money Pros, D Money, He Knows

The world needs scene bangers
Just as much as we need Taco Bell
Imagine a place without T Bell?
Believe me I've been there
Its called Hell
Hey wait didn't you say that in old Aislin?
Yea I did now I'm bringing it back in
I'm going green its time to recycle
So hope out of your car and get on your bicycle
Man your lyrics are wack
I'm just excited we got Blink back
Oh yeah excited for them
Don't forget about Mr. Eminem
I love them all
That's why I plan on staying
With these scene bangers not making it
Then you just must be playing

Bands don't get smarter than The Devil Wears Prada
Lets go back to where they first started
Hey guys lets put keys over a breakdown
Yeah man the whole scene will have a meltdown
Ooh ooh wait for my bell
It's already getting brutal I can already tell
Little did they know that their creation
Would be copied by every local band in the nation
Because it seems like creativity went on vacation
All because these bands have lost their patience
Now we're looking for the next thing to put the crowd in aw
Whats next a breakdown with a chainsaw?

D Money knows the bass drum goes
D Money knows

Man he knows nothing

Boodle ooh!
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Saw Down (He Knows) Lyrics

D Money Pros – Saw Down (He Knows) Lyrics