Yes, he's the one
D Money Pros
He needs to be stopped
And it's gonna be my job
I'm gonna make him say things he doesn't want to
I'm gonna get him in so much trouble
He will be no more

I believe there's a ghost living inside my mouth
His accent is weird I think he's from the south
And his "R"s are present what can I do about
It when he takes over true self is tuned out
He talks for me and I can taste him coming now

I'm inside your mouth and you already know it
I'll come when I want to without you even knowing
I reckon you're scared it's already showing
I'm tiny now and I'm not gonna stop growing

This paranormal activity has got me calling G-A-C please help me
I'm in need of a deed to kill his greed and I can't wait any longer as I feed
My hunger and I wonder about his thunder and will he go under?
Soon I hope before I'm an elder

Bagans won't help you
I have a friend that will hop in his mouth too
He'll be done just like you
Then what are you gonna do?
Nothing, I'm here to stay
I'm nothing but your worst nightmare on replay

Hey how bout I cut you a deal?
How about that?
You leave me alone I'll give you an address you can show up on their door mat
They have big mouths and it's probably much cozier in theirs
And you can even mess with them while their saying their prayers

Hmm wow I've never seen such a bargain
We could have been bros D Money Pros but this is you chose
I'll show up to their door and I'll find the lock and I'll pick it
Oh yah you cheap jerk your paying for my plane ticket

Hey what are you doing? No... You can't do that. Wait... Wait... No! You wont ever hear from me again... Wait why you doing this to me! Noooooo
I'm just gonna spit you out... Right into this can... Then I'm gonna go recycle it to get my five cents back
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Did Someone Just Scratch Me? Lyrics

D Money Pros – Did Someone Just Scratch Me? Lyrics