Young, rich, fly and famous
Champagne nights, every night we wasted
So put your glass in the air
The man of the year’s right here
‘Cause I’m young, rich, fly and famous
‘Bout to spoil you and them girls you came with
‘Cause I like to party (we like to party)
Tonight is on me

[Verse 1: Cyhi The Prynce]
Play the king for the Ace of Spades
All we got is bands, Labor Day Parade
Shorty quit actin’, I don’t play charades
This Armani suit I got from Barney’s is tailor-made
Girl, you look delicious
Flavor Flav picnic in the parking lot
We got so many paper plates
And everything is German engineered
Girl, let me put some David Hermans in your ear
Sauvignon blanc
Got a chick screamin’ at me like “daddy, I’m drunk”
Well, tell the valet pull the Caddy up front
Got bitches on deck like a patio
Probably ‘cause I’m…


[Verse 2: Cyhi The Prynce]
I don’t like to say I’m rich – I like to say I’m blessed
Some say I’m fly, the others say I’m fresh
She said “what kind of jeans are those?” I told the bitch “Guess”
She said “True Religion?” I said “nah, bitch, Guess! ”
And the shirt is Rick Owens
Tiptoeing through the club, enjoying
All the perks that you get from gettin’ on
Margiela pea coat when it’s snowin’
Designer furs are the sign of spur
You deserve her, man, when you’re fine as her
So tell your homegirl she need to find her purse
Last call for alcohol, so it’s almost time to…


[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
Y’all was missin’ the picture, thinkin’ it’s entertainment
When you made it, you failed, hopin’ I never make it
I’ve got money in the bank, tell me what you think
They only made eight of these, boo – be careful what you drink
I got my mom a Paul Williams on my coastline
Now everybody in the fam’ need a co-sign
Muchas gracias, royal’s my whole posse
Hundred stack running back, man these niggas can’t stop me
Not a job interview, why you talk so Anglo?
Chain on my neck, why your boy so Django?
The D is silent, my D is violent
Been away for a minute, can we please remind ‘em?

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Young, Rich, Fly & Famous Lyrics

Cyhi The Prynce – Young, Rich, Fly & Famous Lyrics