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Forever Lyrics

Cyhi The Prynce – Forever Lyrics

[Intro: Jodeci]
You and I will never fall apart
You and I, we knew that from the start, baby, baby
The day, we fell so far in love
Now our baby is born, healthy and strong
Now my dreams are reality
Forever, forever, forever
Forever, forever, forever
Forever, forever, forever

[Verse 1: Cyhi The Prynce]
Boy I'm tryna be great, forever
Got so many sheep, they wanna slay the shepherd
Can't wait to catch it, cause instead of hate
They'd rather see your mama cryin' at the wake, forever
. 38 on the dresser, however, you couldn't take the pressure
Of bein' Kanye's successor
Told my girl, "Let's make an effort to stay together"
Like jp Morgan we gon' chase the cheddar
Girl I ain't a cheapskate, this your sweepstakes
We gon' order cheesecake, eat stake, forever
Take off from the Peach State, just for keepsake, camera in the briefcase
Replan this day, forever, we straight forever
If we have to go to Heaven tonight we'll have a vip pass
And they'll be standin' outside them gates forever
If you get a Benz then it comes with the leather
One day I'ma reign cause I'm under the weather
Get under umbrellas, cause when them choppas get to bustin'
Sound like you standin' under propellers
Pay the bum and they bail us, guess we ain't as dumb as they tell us
I'm a king like the son of Coretta
But y'all don't hear me like a gun in the desert
I do this for the niggas in the slums and the ghettos
Who never went to prom cause our mom wouldn't let us
Got kicked out the house so young, I was reckless
Tryna run with the fellas, hand shakin' like a pom pom
The first time I pump-pumped a Baretta
4 Psalms verse 7, God put planets in my heart
Not malice in my heart but y'all don't make it fun for the reverend
But when I was one, I knew I was the one, I'm 11

[Hook: Cyhi The Prynce (Jodeci)]
Boy I've been the shit for like...
(Forever, forever, forever)
Yesterday I ran into a hater
And asked him how long he gon' hate
And the nigga told me
(Forever, forever, forever)
So I'ma keep countin' this paper
My partner came home last week
Seemed like he'd been locked up...
(Forever, forever, forever)
Girl I hope the pussy get wet when you sleep
I'm Keith Sweat in the sheets
I'ma make it last
(Forever, forever, forever)
I'ma make it last

[Interlude: Keith Sweat (Cyhi The Prynce)]
Make it last forever, and ever
(Damn you sexy)
Make it last forever, and ever
(You make a nigga wanna take you home, nah mean? Let me get back to this though)

[Verse 2: Cyhi The Prynce]
Sometimes I sit back and think 'bout
Young nigga sittin' on the green box
Seen cops, we would run from the scene
'Bout 20 minutes later we was at the green spot
It was sorta like Jack and the Beanstalk
Met an old man with a clean watch
He fronted me a whole pound of mid
Cause my partner had the cream rocks and he had the lean locked
Green Glock like the ones the Marines got
In the Bible better known as a slingshot
My sister asked me, "why you always rap about your gun?"
Do you know how many niggas I done seen shot?
Yeah I know it kinda give you somethin' to think 'bout
That's why I smoke 'til I get the pinkeye
It keep my self esteem high
I remember back in the day I used to think I had a mean pops
He said, "You can have anything you dream 'bout"
I want the house with the mezzanine box
So I'm sellin' what the fiends buy, fuck sellin' bean pies
Tryna stack them green guys, talkin' Yao Ming high
Now I'm sendin' green dots
You know you the man when they bring swat
What's good of bein' rich when your team not?
I know some real street niggas who don't think stop
So talkin' shit'll get you seen by
Swing by your house with them things out
Treat you like you're havin' a divorce with your wife
We gon' take everything but the kitchen sink out, nigga
While I'm somewhere eatin' at a Wing Stop
With a bad bitch who got some mean top
50 round drum, when it ring out you gon' think it lasted..

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