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Currently Lyrics

Curtismith – Currently Lyrics

[Verse: Curtismith]
It's been a while for a minute, I was wild and timid
Now my style is what influences a rapper with a gimmick
But I'm in this I don't ever wanna stop man
Fuck an image, got a problem with my thoughts damn
What is love, who is real to the fakes? Am I lost?
What's the meaning of the dreams I have to chase?
Is it all an illusion I know so well?
Thirsty at the party, quench my body in a hotel
Now I'm probably in the lobby with regrets
Spendin' money ain't it funny what we're doing to regress
But I swear I'm growing up and making changes
Tryna make this money they tell me I need patience
I am not a doctor, just an addiction for green faces
I keep chasing these dreams that keep waking me up
Yeah what is life but a paradox, see I grind, in my mind
Am I good enough? Am I good enough?
Baby just tell me cause it's been heavy doing shows and stuff
Early when I'm showing up, only to be delayed
They say it's for exposure so I'm barely getting paid
And I guess I'm getting by, but sometimes I get afraid
'Cause following your vision only means you go astray
From the shore and these people talking shit are like the waves
Tryna push me back into my place, but I pray, the creator hasn't caved
Opening all the doors in mysterious ways, I'm seriously
Commited and driven to make my vision come to life
I do this for my people, I don't do this for the lights
Fuck a critic's advice I don't need that, this what I'ma keep at
Got a couple brothers giving real and honest feedback
So I don't see slack an option, I keep actions constant
Often lost, but got this promise

I got this I promise
I got this I promise

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