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Honest - Pound Cake Freeverse Lyrics

Curtismith – Honest - Pound Cake Freeverse Lyrics

[Verse 1: Curtismith]
I'ma ask
Is anybody there?
I'm tryin' to follow dreams but nobody really cares
This life ain't what it seems you can feel it in the air
And I'm kinda like a ring try to fit me in a square
Stare at the eyes of a flare
By lookin' at the stars thinkin' of the past times
Bad times but the good one's better
And I think it's 'bout time that I get this cheddar
I try to switch these levers
Try to give these letters to all my lovers and devils
I pedal like 'cha pedal as I course through meadow back and forth
I'm a fellow in the ghetto sayin' hello I am lost
Got a choice, they tell me that's what life is
Followin' your dreams and livin' off all these vices
Shining like a king if you tell me where the light is
'cause money ain't a thing I'm tryin' to make it lightyears
So will you let me shine?
Will you see the eloquence and see me as a time?
Will I see benevolence in each and every one?
We can't see the ether we feel the ambiance like

Cash ruins everything around me, cream
Dolla, dolla bills ya'll
Dolla, dolla bills ya'll

(And I tell some people)

[Verse 2: Curtismith]
I never gave a fuck about a flow
I see my life a process, I study as I grow
Life is full of battles and [?] shown
And believe this is a struggle that we all must undergo
Others know, brothers six-feet deep, I weep for the fallen soldiers, let them hear my speech
I preach 'cause I wanna be a better man
Who got plans, like goddamn he's livin' his life in God's hands
One chance, can I really make it?
'Cause some (of) my best friends try to screw me to the pavement
They backstab, I gave 'em a CAT scan, I give 'em a fat chance
But I see who's really fakin' it
I set aside my ego and believe
Something I'll never know will turn to everything I need
And everything I know is when you followin' your dreams
As you listen to your soul and feel a supreme being

Cash ruins everything around me, cream
Dolla, dolla bills ya'll
Dolla, dolla bills ya'll

[Verse 3: Curtismith]
(As you listen to your soul and feel a supreme being)
Now for the money or the things
I just need the money just to justify my means
I wanna help my people I wanna do great things
They say it only happens when you're followin' your dreams though
Yeah, I'm like a Martin Luther King, hoe
6:23 you a viper around the [?]
Ink those thoughts to the paper, let it sink bro
Think of gettin' all that money in the plane though
Let it get to your head 'cause comin' with that money or the ladies in the bed
Only got the D but the chick is gettin' fed
And she likes to feed the ego it's getting to your head
And I'm just tryin' to spit the truth
Tryin' to find the messages I tell you in the booth
I'm tryin' to find the devil, expellin' him from the room
And tryin' to reach my legend and get it before the tomb
I got a path with a plan will it pan out?
'Cause I'm just tryin' to show you who the man now
My hand's out and I'm showin' you my scars
Sometimes you miss the moon, but you land up on the stars

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