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24 Lyrics

Curtismith – 24 Lyrics

24, 20, 20, 24 (24/7)
24, 20, 20, 24 (24/7)
24, 20, 20, 24

[Verse 1]
Let me talk about
How I do this all day
Money making dreams was a scheme in the hallways
Now we play it like a parlay
On the road doing shows sold out like we broadway
Gotta get me a Beyonce
Lady in the streets but with me she in lingerie
And she loves to keep me company
From the office to the sheets with the freaks what a long day
I just speak whats in my dome
Telling you a story of visions when I'm alone I’ve been
Working on the flows for a minute
I’ve been working on the locks with the codes til I get it I been
Working like that
Didn’t want my number now she’s ringing right back
I’ve been spitting for the kittens and bitches who ride tracks while I'm cooking in the kitchen and mixing the right facts yeah

You don’t know I think about this differently
Acting so suspicious who you kidding baby?
I’ve seen all the lies that you tried to hide and deny from me
And I’ve taken time but I’m so sick and tired now don’t cry for me

[Verse 2]
Cause I’ve been grinding
This is more than simply rhyming
You know that the cadence and flow is perfect with timing
Working on my lyrics and shows like an assignment
And you can see me coast til I shine over the horizon
Now my stars are in alignment I’m tryna rise with
All the brothers that I grind with
As we conspiring for finer things we gotta stay grounded when we find out wings
The wiser think
False kings better step down
And if they hate I let them hate while forcing them to get out
Finna taste my dinner plate ain't here to take my shit out
Cause I’ve been in the basement and I’m ready for the tip now
To take what I deserve
If im making appetizers think of my dessert
Only want a woman who is ready for the world and I never take a shortcut boy I’m getting what I earn

I'ma get what I deserve
Let me get what I deserve
I’mma get what I deserve
Let me get what I deserve and I never take a shortcut boy I’m getting what I earn

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