Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Andreas Götesson

Sandman comes with sleeping dust
And I enter the world of dreams
A chilling place of eternal dusk
Where things are not what they seem

Pre Chorus:
Into deeper sleep , I'm descending
Slowly falling , reality's bending

On gloomy shores under purple sky
Watching shadows that are passing by
Twisted forms beyond comprehension
Is this real , this strange dimension

Pre Chorus:
Into deeper sleep , I'm descending
Falling faster , it's never ending

Twilight dreams
Far beyond imagination
Nightly screams
Journey in twilight dreams

Solo: Dahl - Both - Dahl

World of dreams , a world of wonder
Enchanting realm of fantasies
I'm in to deep , I'm going under
I will never wake , I'm roaming free

Pre Chorus:
Into deepest sleep , I've descended
No longer falling , I am there

Solo: Dahl
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Twilight Dreams Lyrics

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