Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl

When darkness enters my life,
That's when you arise
Slowly crawling into my mind
From the other side

In a callous realm, I'm captured,
Completely paralysed
Through your eyes I see the real world,
Where love and hate have died

Pre Chorus
I'm terrified, but somehow I have always known
We are nothing but wandering spirits in an endless void

On the edge of time I face my destiny,
And find myself within a false reality
Was my life a lie inside an evil whirl?
Oblivion reign within the Visionary World,

Solo Dahl

Lifeless, impassive and alone
Dreaming a dream that's not my own
Am I alive or dead?

When did they conquer our kind?
Why did they take control of our minds?
My past is erased and gone

I'm lost in a cage
Created in the age of silence and illusions

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Oblivion In The Visionary World Lyrics

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