This story's been told, in the book of old
It's all been written, in the holy scroll

Evil abounds, it blackens our soul
The time will come, to pay the toll

Evil, a deadly force
Pushing us down a collision course
You can hope and grasp for calmer times
But a life of sin will torture your minds

We're caught in the middle
It's the danger zone
Everyone's affected
Is shelter known
Disaster spreads at lightning pace
It's a suicide of the human race

The end is near
Armageddon is here
Justice for once
Shall be made clear

Wicked wars
Forever shall cease
Soldiers of light
Shall rest in peace

Time to die

Armies unseen by mortal eyes
No bombs, no guns, no war torn skies
Spiritual weapons take a different route
Man's destroyed from the inside out

The longest war
Can you feel the rage?
A constant battle from age to age
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Longest War Lyrics

Crumbsuckers – Longest War Lyrics